Tuesday, December 21, 2004

If Money Is Criminal, Only Criminals Will Have Money

Ricky Gervais, writer and star of BBC's The Office, says the following: "The money being offered was criminal. But I am not interested in money. I'm interested in doing something I am proud of. Money gives me the creeps. I hate it when people print how much I'm getting paid. It's not guilt. It's embarrassing enough being an actor for a living - it's a worthless, pointless job. But when people know you earn a thousand times what a nurse earns it's f**king embarrassing. I am not proud of my earnings. I'm proud of my work. I've probably turned down £10 million."

I've probably gained 10 million pounds, but that's because of the Christmas cookies.

Gervais is never going to make it in Hollywood. Oh, wait, he doesn't want to be part of Hollywood.


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