Monday, November 01, 2004

Let He Who Is Without Costume Shoot the First Arrow

Why I am not part of the religious right part 1,263,789 + 1:

Here in Santa Barbara, the Calvary Chapel is pretty convinced that the Hellmouth isn't Hollywood, or Sunnydale, or the Castro, or Las Vegas, or the entire Middle East (for even the Jews crucified their Lord). Nope, Hell on Earth is Hershey, PA. How else to explain a quote like this one: "Halloween is such a dark, satanic day. Here Jesus' light really shines through."

Personally, I figure even Jesus couldn't have resisted a $100,000 Bar.

The Church's Tenth Annual Light Up the Night alternative to Halloween also featured fun and games:

"At a booth manned by youth minister Scott Dupar, people took aim at real hosuehold items - a lamp, a TV, a grill - with a real bow-and-arrow, sans tips. 'How many people [wouldn't] like to go into a house and just shoot stuff?' the man of a kind and gentle God said."

Ok, the news report really wrote, "he said," but that's just boring. Still it strikes me as odd that the passion of the Christians is to shoot things in a house (oh, no word if the TV had a picture of Kerry imposed on it) but dressing up and going door-to-door for candy is somehow sinful.

All quotes from the Santa Barbara News-Press of November 1, 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so sad to see that once again the Santa Barbara News Press has to be so critical and narrow minded when it comes to Christian events and functions. Calvary Chapel is just trying to give parents an alternative to going door to door. Is Calvary forcing parents to send their kids? Are kids bummed out cause they have to come? Such silly questions. Obviously not. And why does this News Press writer feel like he needs to bash on a fun event like shooting things with an arrow? Is it morally wrong? Is Calvary teaching the youth of our county to destroy property? Come on get real. The funny thing from what I saw that night is that the parents wanted to shoot the arrows too. So why doesn't this writer spend his time on some real issues instead of being so intolerant of Christians?

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