Thursday, October 28, 2004

In a Blue State in Cardinal Country

Commenting to Blogger is a true pain, so here's a guest commentary from a far-flung friend:

Last night Kerry fans in Cards country consider themselves to have taken one for the team. Despite the Red Sox fans over in Iraq, it was Bush country that took a pounding yesterday. Tues. night I was there, and as Martina McBride (who?) hit the top of her 3-octave range on the anthemic "free," two F-15s cracked open the environs of the stadium with a noise meant to make haplessly-less-than-"free" populations all over the world cower and weep. Amy Grant sang the "God Bless America" in the seventh inning. This was clearly the call of our Cardinals owner, Bush-Cheney'04 Rangers Chair Bill DeWitt (former co-owner of the Texas Rangers, with Bush).

Last evening, as the MVCs took another night off, the pattern was repeated: Natasha Wilson (who?) sang a wretched anthem--she's no James Taylor, much less Steve Tyler--and at the seventh inning stretch, when "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"would have been appropriate enough, "Slade" or some other equally unmentionable Christian country performer did "God Bless America."

Meanwhile, the Post-Dispatch sitting on Cards fans' dining room tables led page-one with a headline that, after months of having been written off by the Kerry campaign as a swing state, Missouri polls show the race within the margin of error 47%-46%,with 7% still undecided. I like to think the Cardinal Democrats (Matt Morris, Jim Edmonds, Larry Walker, Ray King--and I'll accept other nominations) smiled silently as the Cards laydown and died, and Kerry cheered. Isn't that the spirit of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"?



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