Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The L Word

So you're Bush, and the economy isn't going to win you re-election, and the disaster in Iraq won't, and even scaring the beejesus out of folks (they're running "Be Alert" Homeland Security ads on the Air America radio station in my area) only gets you to a November 2 that polls as a tie. What do you and Karl and Karen opt to do? Get in your wayback machine and try to turn this election into the last one against a Democrat from Massachusetts. That's right, call Kerry Dukakis!

Tonight's sure-fire drinking game for the debate is to sip every time Bush says the L-word; my guess is you'll be tipsy enough to see a wire beneath Bush's jacket before half the evening is over. Bush and Cheney and all their surrogates have already frequently quoted the bit that the National Journal rated Kerry the most liberal senator.

What they don't tell you is that the National Journal wishes BC04 would get the facts straight, or even better, not mention the publication at all. In this very clear story, the journal explains how Kerry got rated the most liberal senator in 2003, largely because he missed so many votes while on the campaign trail. (And if any right-wingers have stumbled upon this blog, don't think that's an issue, as the journal points out that Jack Kemp and Jesse Helms earned their conservative ratings years back by missing votes when campaigning. And Helms wasn't even running for president, shudder at the thought.)

The journal's lifetime averages chart is actually quite fascinating, and, it seems, accurate--for there's Zell "Them's Dueling Words" Miller so far in last that even Hangdog Joe Lieberman is almost twice as liberal as Zell. Kerry is ranked 11th "lifetime" (20 years is a lifetime?), just behind Patrick Leahy, who evidently is a Democrats' Democrat, even if he can't do the physically impossible to himself, no matter Cheney's charming urgings on the Senate floor. (Cheney didn't get nailed enough for this comment in his debate when Gwen Ifill asked how he would bridge the divide in the country: "Well, I must say it's one of the disappointments of the last four years, is that we've not been able to do what the president did in Texas, for example, when he was able to reach across the aisle and bring Democrats along on major issues of the day." Or, re-reading the quote he is perfectly clear, "Vote with us, or go blank yourselves!")

Also note that the Right's favorite witch Hillary only comes in 13th...ooohh, that is spooky. The religious whackos (who think Dred Scott=Roe v. Wade) will have a numerological field day with that one.

Good thing nobody reads this blog. And a tip of the hat to Josh Marshall, doing his usual great work over at Talking Points Memo (see the links) for pointing out the National Journal article in the first place.


Blogger George said...

I guessed the wrong L word, after all. Sorry, Mary Cheney. I mean really sorry, seeing who your parents are. Given that, you seemed to turn out all right.

P.S. I know that commenting on your own blog leads to hairy palms.

1:05 PM  

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