Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Elephants in Pinstripe Clothing

Of course they were pumped by Mussina pitching that perfect game for 6 innings, but Yankee fans proved why I could never be one tonight. Any time Mussina got close with a pitch on a 2-strike count--and by close I mean Posada was able to catch the pitch--the crowd groaned at each called ball as if someone knocked over their grandmother and stole her bingo money.

Please. Enough entitlement. You've won more World Series than any other team, so at times a call might go against you. Sometimes it actually should.

And then they dragged out that damn Irish tenor to warble his way through "God Bless America" for the seventh inning stretch, and reminded me how much they were co-opted by that video before Bush's convention speech that sort of went like this: 9/11 = New York = Bush = Yankees/Jeter. So more than anything I dislike the Yankees because at heart they're Republicans.


Blogger Hovercraft said...

Wow, as a baseball know-nothing, this connection has always been fuzzy, but it makes sense now. The first inklings I had were growing up in Iowa in the Reagan era (why does that cursed time keep popping to mind of late?). While "Red Dawn" and "Rambo" ran roughshod over the minds of the generation that would become Dub's cannon fodder, Frank Miller, the editorial cartoonist of the Hawkeye State's largest paper, the Des Moines Register, subverted reality in his own way. Miller (not the same guy who would later reinvent Batman and all that) was a hell-bent-for-leather Yankees fan. He'd do cartoons every fall that revolved around the joke "Official World Series" (as in "It's an Official World Series when the Yankees are in it"). Endless variations, every year, ad nauseum. I delivered that rag for years, and every October would read his front-page cartoons about the Yankees day in, day out. Somehow I always knew that the stripes were The Man. Now you've finally closed the loop for me--let the hatred flow.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being a Yankee fan, I find some of your comments to be fueled by resentmnet and envy. I wonder if you are a Met fan or a an owner of a fantasy baseball team that failed to secure thr rights to A-Rod and Rivera. On the co-potation of the Yankees by the Republicans, I can only say that we are all vulnerable to this type of a vast right wing conspiracy. The yankee team is full of Lefties, and the only swinging they are doing is for the fences and not for the elephant party.

1:47 PM  

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