Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Was Not a Player or a Player Hater

Things are getting serious, what with Ezra Pound's birthday this Saturday, uh, I mean, the election on Tuesday. So, if you need a game or two to blow off a bit of steam, here are two. I've never been caught up in the whole Survivor thing since the personalities of those who play always make me want to vote for the entire island to be the next Bikini Atoll, but this version of Supreme Court Survivor, particularly after Chief Justice Rehnquist's diagnosis yesterday, makes this game awfully pertinent. Be sure to replace Thomas last. (I haven't been able to eat Pez since Rehnquist's tracheotomy.)

The other game seems rigged, but so is the scary reality it's based on. You could just wait for the MTV movie, or go play Spring Break Fallujah: The Game and see the rest of this very clever site.

And they had fun, fun, fun till the Republicans took their right to vote away.


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