Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fox Won't Hose Sox

Consider, if you will, if there's a conspiracy in the cards:

Exhibit A. Roger Clemens. As a supposed Houston Astro and representative of the National League for the first time (although in his second career, since he did retire after 2003--do you think the Marlins feel duped that they came out of the dugout to applaud him after his "last out" during the 2003 World Series?), Clemens started the 2004 All-Star Game and got blown out, giving up homeruns to Manny Ramirez (ex-teammate and Red Sock: coincidence?) and Alfonso Soriano (ex-teammate and Cheater trade-bait: take that, Yanks).

The cost? The AL gets home field advantage for the World Series. Very good news for the Red Sox, who play very well in Fenway. (Plus Fenway makes a very attractive backdrop for the ever-roving Fox cameras, who don't quite seem to understand the game is played between the foul lines.)

Exhibit B. Jeff Suppan. As Boston's second round draft pick in 1993, he finally repaid the club's investment by forgetting how to run the bases and costing the Cards any chance of beating Pedro Martinez. Then again, perhaps the Cards were scared of Pedro, who was wearing a fright wig for Halloween a few days early.

Exhibit C. Roger Clemens. That he can make the list twice is enough for inquiring minds or Art Bell fans, but let's face it--the Cards are in the series because Clemens threw two fastballs too many to Albert Pujols and Scott Rolens (who certainly got his post-season on track with that homer, huh).

Now, if we think back to 1960, and Kennedy and the magic votes in Illinois, then realize that Kennedy was from Massachusetts (just like the Red Sox!) and that Illinois is a state bordering on Missouri (that's where St. Louis is!), well....

I'm just saying....


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