Thursday, September 03, 2009

He's So Fined

At least according to what appears to be the chronically chronologically challenged This-Day-in-History that I consult, Friday is the 39th anniversary of George Harrison's release of "My Sweet Lord." Of course, the song has since become more famous for the lawsuit about it. I'm sure you recall the class action suit by Catholic church parishioners who demanded restitution from Harrison for being the inspiration for the 1970s abomination known as the Folk Mass. They rightly believed that hippies and priests didn't mix (unless the hippies were young boys of course), even if you stopped singing before the Hare Kirshna part. You can't mimic the Holy Spirit descending with a wave of your tambourine. And trust me, now matter how hard you pray, the Eucharist just doesn't turn into windowpane. (Heck I might still be going to church....) Alas, the judge hearing the case ruled all things must pass, and the parishioners got nothing. They didn't even get to keep the case open long enough to argue that the Church's attempt to turn "Blowing in the Wind" into a hymn is one of the reasons Dylan went Christian and mucked up his career for a decade.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You almost had me there . . .
S.B. Copyright Lawyer, aka "She's so fine"

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