Thursday, July 02, 2009

Friday Random Ten (Thursday Edition)

Moby "35 Minutes" Hotel
Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Perpetuum Mobile" Concert Program
Freedy Johnston "Underwater Life" Blue Days, Black Nights
Guided by Voices "At Odds with Dr. Genesis" King Shit and the Golden Boys
Pavement "Blue Hawaiian" Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition
The Mad Lads "Patch My Heart" The Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968
This Mortal Coil "Another Day" It'll End in Tears
Mick Moloney "Jigs: Arthur Darley's/Over the Hills to Runbush" Strings Attached
Andre 3000 "My Favorite Things" The Love Below
Pixies Gouge Away" Doolittle

Yo La Tengo "Tijuana Taxi" Yo La Tengo Is Murdering the Classics

Not the most crucial of lists this week, no? And, alas, cut #12 was "Thirftshoppin'" by Pianosaurus, so good music lurked. As for the actual list, can you spot George's favorite? Can you guess which album was part of a crucial label-honoring show he did way back when he did college radio in grad school (probably 1985)?



Blogger Marty said...

Badly Drawn Boy, "Year of the Rat," One Plus One is One
Titus Andronicus, "No Future, Pt. 1," The Airing of Grievances
Ola Podrida, "Eastbound," Ola Podrida
Death Cab for Cutie, "A Lack of Color," Transantlanticism
Cotton Jones, "Some Strange Rain," Paranoid Cocoon
Guided by Voices, "Back to the Lake," Human Amusements at Hourly Rates
Guided by Voices, "Cheyenne," Universal Truths and Cycles
Drag the River, "Willie," Hey Buddies
Langhorne Slim, "The Electric Love Letter," When the Sun's Gone Down
Joey Gilmore, "I Got the Blues," Best of Joey

Bonus: Yo La Tengo, "The Whole of the Law," Painful

Stax/Volt? I see your Yo La Tengo and I raise you two GBVs.

11:41 AM  
Blogger E-6 said...

I'm gonna guess the fantasic This Mortal Coil record, loaded with goodies, it was. "Another Day", a beautiful Roy Harper cover sung by Liz Frazer of the Cocteau Twins.

1. "Beware of Darkness" George Harrison / All Things Must Pass
2. "Lover's Spit" Feist / Live at Park West
3. "Lady in the Front Row" Redd Kross / Phaseshifter
4. "Too Bad" Faces / A Nod Is As Good As A Wink
5. "Say Hello" Rosie Thomas / These Friends Of Mine
6. "Beat on the Brat" The Ramones / Ramones Mania
7. "Desperado" The Langley Schools Music Project / Innocence & Despair
8. "Move to the Country" Smog / Knock Knock
9. "Good Golly Miss Molly" The Sonics / Here Are The Sonics
10. "Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl" Muddy Waters / Muddy Waters: His Best (1956-1964)
bonus: "Behind The Door" Sugar Plant / After After Hours

WV: reliked--rediscovering an old favorite, perhaps?

12:47 PM  
Anonymous freealonzo said...

1. So High -- Elvis Presley
2. Video Killed the Radio Star -- Presidents of the Uniteds States of America
3. Jamaica Sky -- The Specials
4. Down by the Highway -- Bob Dylan
5. John Henry -- Bruce Springsteen
6. Cheap Reward -- Elvis Costello
7. The Imposter (live) -- Elvis Costello
8. Sin City -- Uncle Tupelo
9. Hero -- Ministry
10. Heartbeat -- Wire

Bonus: One Tree Hill -- U2

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

1. "Anthem," Leonard Cohen, THE FUTURE
2. "Nothing," The Fugs, THE FUGS FIRST ALBUM
3. "Jim Jones," Bob Dylan, GOOD AS I'VE BEEN TO YOU
4. "Fishing Blues," Henry Thomas, ANTHOLOGY OF AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC (SONGS)
5. "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)," Lucinda Williams, RAMBLIN'
6. "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall," Bob Dylan, BOOTLEG SERIES: LIVE 1964
7. "All It Really Wan't to Do [sic]," Bob Dylan, BOOTLEG SERIES: LIVE 1964
8. " When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain," Kate Smith, POP MUSIC: THE EARLY YEARS
9. "My One and Only," Fred Astaire, SONG AND DANCE MAN
10. "Black Jack Davey," Koerner, Glover & Ray, WESTBANK BOOGIE

I'm voting This Mortal Coil. Nor is this list much more exciting. Anthems. Cohen's squared by The Fugs' great "Nothing," a prayer to what Ellen Willis called "rootless cosmopolitanism", and surely no anthem at all. But then the dreaded repeats, which suggest what Dylan wrought was often more interesting than the authentic thing itself.

9:05 PM  
Blogger George said...

Hey, I like Cohen's "Anthem."

As for the favorite song, it was the Penguin Cafe Orchestra--how sad I was when it popped up on a commercial a few years back.

And yes, the This Mortal Coil was a key part of a 4AD special I did back when I was dreamier and more Anglophilic.

9:09 AM  
Blogger ahab said...

A few days late:

Whiskeytown, "Dancing with the Women at the Bar" Strangers Almanac
Blue Mountain, "When You're Not Mine" Tales of a Traveler
Richmond Fontaine, "The Warehouse Life" The Fitzgerald
Johnny Cash, "The Time of the Preacher" No Depression: What It Sounds Like
Badly Drawn Boy, "Say it Again" The Hour of the Bewilderbeast
Tindersticks, "Sweet, Sweet Man Pt. 1" Tindersticks
Joe Henry, "Cold Enough to Cross" Scar
Pavement, "Cut Your Hair" Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Blood Meridian, "Good Lover" Kick Up the Dust
The Magnetic Fields, "Love in the Shadows" 69 Love Songs, Vol. 3

Bonus: St. Vincent, "Black Rainbow" Actor

I was here Friday before anybody commented, but I went away to consider your favorite track and I forgot to come back. I would've guessed wrong anyway.

4:37 PM  

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