Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Random Ten

Manu Chao "Otro Mundo" La Radiolina
Kathleen Edwards "What Are You Waiting For?" Back to Me
Alison Krauss & Union Station "Forget about It" Live
Wilco "Blue Eyed Soul" A.M.
Louie Louie "The Kingsmen" Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era
Mott the Hoople "All the Young Dudes" [alternate version: Bowie & Hunter co-vocal] All the Young Dudes
Ryan Adams "New York, New York" Gold
Alison Krauss & Union Station "Let Me Touch You for Awhile" New Favorite
Battlefield Band "After Hours / The Green Gates / The Ship in Full Sail" On the Rise
The Reputation "Follow-Through Time" To Force a Fate

The Mendoza Line "Fleur de Lie" [live] Final Reflections of the Legendary Malcontent

How fitting to be doing this list at my in-laws and to have my father-in-law's faorite Alison Krauss pop up twice. The old iPod can pick up the vibe, no doubt. A pretty fine set this week heavy on wonderful women.



Blogger E-6 said...

1."Ariel Ramirez" Richard Buckner Since
2."'Til I Die" Beach Boys Surf's Up
3."Magic Mountain" Blonde Redhead Misery is a Butterfly
4."Frankie Carroll" Thin Lizzy Night Life
5."Walking With Jesus" Spaceman 3 Brit Box (disc 1)
6."Over the Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox" Guided By Voices Propeller
7."Bittersweet" Hoodoo Gurus Mars Needs Guitars
8."Happiness" Grant Lee Buffalo Mighty Joe Moon
9."Gypsy Cowboy" New Riders of The Purple Sage Gypsy Cowboy
10."Silver Wings" The Knitters Poor Little Critter on the Road

bonus: "Lovers of Today" Pretenders Pretenders II

I can live with this--music from the past 5 decades. One of GBV's best rockers and a swell cut from the underrated second Pretenders record. The Buckner song is a beauty, too.

10:57 AM  
Blogger E-6 said...

"Lovers of Today" is from the first Pretenders LP. Oops. Typed that up on X-mas night after several cups of holiday cheer.

9:27 PM  
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