Thursday, December 11, 2008

All You Need Is Love...And Lots and Lots of Children

I like my religious blowhards uptight and self-righteous; the ones who try to be humorous are more dangerous, as some folks might get suckered in by their folkiness. That's why I never could heart Mike Huckabee, and it seems he's not going away, especially as he's got a book to flog (amazingly called Do the Right Thing--do you think he's ever even seen the film? Spike Lee must be rolling over in the Knicks' grave) and since Huckabee is known as a good interview, he'll be everywhere.

Like on Jon Stewart the other night. Lots of folks have written about this appearance, but one bit that popped out in the transcription Melissa McEwan so kindly provided over at Shakesville, was this:

Well, but, there's a difference between the equality of each individual and the equality of what we do, and the sameness of what we do. I mean, the fact is, marriage is, under our law, a privilege. It's not an absolute divine right.

Stop right there, Mikey. Did you just say, "Marriage, under our law, is not a divine right"? Thanks for giving your game away. Our law isn't divine--get your creepy, bigoted god created in your own image out of my Constitution.

Actually too bad marriage isn't Divine, then we'd get beyond all this and solve real problems. It's like having to re-fight Roe v. Wade for 35 years--instead of trying to accomplish even more in the struggle for gender equality, we have to keep winning the battle we already won.

I will also try not to expend even more words on the lame-o argument of yours that angers the not-having-a-child-yet-married me, "
I mean, let's face it, the entire purpose of a marriage is not just to create the next generation, but it's to train our replacements." Beyond the stupid thinking that says "the whole point is A...oh and B" as that's giving 110%, we can procreate really well without getting married. Just ask Bristol Palin. And what the fuck does "train our replacements" mean? Let's get those soldiers, I mean, children, through bootcamp, huh. Talk about your culture wars.



Blogger Tom Hilton said...

Also, marriage is most decidedly not a privilege. Loving v. Virginia established 41 years ago that marriage is a 'fundamental right'.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

But I think the whole trouble is with this notion that rights are something that's guaranteed; a distortion created by the legal ingenuity of the civil rights movement.

The Law I Love is a Major Mover

from which flow destructions of the Constitution.
No nation stands unstirrd in whose courts, I, John, testify,
I saw. [Robert Duncan]

7:57 PM  
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