Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Am Spartacus

As you might know, Wednesday (a mere 50 minutes or so away) is "Day without a Gay." Prop 8 won here in California, so now it's time to show folks what it means to constitutionally take away a whole group of people's rights.

As the website says:

Can’t call in Gay? You can still join in making a HUGE Impact. Some of us are extremely lucky to work in a pro-LGBTQ company. People are out and proud and want to continue their impact at work. Others live in one of the 30 states where you can still be fired based on your sexual orientation. We encourage you not to risk calling in if you fear for your job.

That said, here are 5 ways you can make an impact tomorrow:
1. Volunteer your time and services after work
2. Do not buy anything
3. Do not watch TV or use your cell phone
4. Do not go online (yup, don’t even visit this site tomorrow)… Online advertising is everywhere and a simple page load could cause money to be spent.
5. Do not buy lunch (and don’t go out today to get what you need for lunch tomorrow), find something you already have and pack your lunch.

If nothing else, if you're straight, at least think about how lucky you are. Love isn't easy, finding the right person is difficult, working at a relationship is just that, work. But at least no laws say you can't get married.

Do what you can to make things fair.

In honor of the day, no blogging from me tomorrow. No comments. (I know, the whole world quakes with George-deprived anxiety.)



Blogger Drew said...

Speaking as a gay who couldn't gay his way out of work today, I'm amused by the prospect of some single, Republican, Prop 8-loving guy actually having a headcold today, calling in sick and giving his office something to gossip about.

WV: terseste, which adds a few extra letters to "tersest" and is therefore less terse than it could be.

8:04 AM  
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