Friday, December 05, 2008

I Get the Pressures of Life Through Lack of Patience

Time for one of those point and nods. Go read this--what my gut feels with someone else's really good brain providing the thought to back it up. Mark Schmitt on "The Audacity of Patience"--some of it goes like this, but be sure to read the whole thing at the link:

Obama will need a full reservoir of that same patience in the White House, because he'll face similar frantic pressure and second-guessing. He will be surrounded by a crippling crowd of people and groups convinced that if their own No. 1 cause isn't enacted in the first 100 days, it will never happen. The conventional wisdom about the presidency is very much the same as the advice Obama was given in the primaries: Move quickly. Overwhelm the forces of the establishment. Use the momentum of the election to achieve the biggest things possible. You'll never be more powerful than on Jan. 21.

If Obama ignores this conventional wisdom, he will not do so because he's crazy or lazy but because he's taking the same approach to governing as he took to the election. It will mean he's taking the long view, gambling on patience, and carefully putting into place the pieces that win lasting majorities for progressive policies, just as he won a majority of delegates and a majority of votes in the election.



Blogger Smitty said...

In my eyes, Obama is methodical. He makes decisions, and moves forward as unstoppably as a glacier. One minute, you're looking at the glacier saying "I have plenty of time to move and do what I need." next thing you know, you wake up on top of a frozen mountain.

Look at his cabinet choices. He takes time. He reads about them. Hundreds of people are screaming for or against whomever they speculate should or should not be appointed to a position. And he makes a decision, usually not anyone who was speculated. People gnash their teeth and cry betrayal, and all along, he essentially says, "you elected me because you trusted me, so trust me. I got this."

Thus: I think he does the latter of the two paragraphs.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Smitty said...

Per your suggestion on ATK, it is done. In the comments section, the beer review has been revised.

11:16 AM  
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