Thursday, May 01, 2008

This Could Get Pflugly

Jo Ann Pflug turns 61 Friday, or should I say Pfriday. That means 1948 is the cut-off for when Hollywood realized some names had to change to be marquee-worthy (as opposed to Scrabble-worthy). And what a career the now motivational speaker has had--indeed the 1970s & early 80s might not have existed without her. Sure there's the film of M*A*S*H, but also Operation Petticoat, Dukes of Hazard, Love American Style, Charlie's Angels, Love Boat, Fantasy Island. It's little wonder those of us who came of age in that era are somewhat stunted, and Jo Ann had her Pflugs all over us (you can dust for pflugs, you know). Indeed, in some ways she's Fannie Flagg without the books, as both starred (if I may insult real nebulae for a moment) on Match Game and Candid Camera, too. It's a shame we couldn't merge them into one Fannie Pflug. I don't want to pull the woolery over your eyes on this one (uber-game-show host Chuck Woolery was her husband, sadly prior to his Love Connection days--Love Busy Signal? Love Dial Tone?), so instead I'll pull the pflug.



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