Thursday, October 11, 2007

They Don't Call Them Superpoenas

Watching Keith Olbermann last night, getting even more upset about the rightwing bloggers (what do you expect) and Senators (Mitch McConnell's office has spread the lies it seems) attacking a 12-year-old who is lucky to be alive, I got to experience a perhaps even stranger moment when a commercial informed me that MSNBC was partially brought to me by "the Santa Barbara News-Press, serving the community since 1855."

I guess that's better than the tagline: "the Santa Barbara News-Press, serving the community subpoenas and cease-and-desist letters since 2006."

It's also an intriguing income model the N-P website has now. You can't see any content, really, unless you subscribe. But the website will happily provide you with a cheesy pop-up ad as soon as you open the homepage. So you get to see their advertising even if you don't get their content. (That is when there is content--go read Craig Smith to hear why only wire stories run about the Channel Island foxes Ms. McCaw under oath aches for.)



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