Wednesday, July 18, 2007

George Sloshes Suds, Mets Paddle Pods

Sorry the blog hasn't been a hotbed of hilarity or even posting the past few days, but I have an excuse, as we drove down to San Diego Monday night and just got back today. Yes, that means that I saw the Mets beat the Padres last night, thanks to tickets given to me for my birthday way back in March by my sister-in-law and her s.o. So I have to thank them for fine seats down the leftfield line and apologize for the Mets beating their team (here's hoping we make it up to San Diego fans by sweeping the Dodgers in LA this weekend).

Some random notes from the trip:
  • Being retired will be lots of fun someday if I ever have the opportunity. Midday Tuesday prior to the game we hit the Stone Bistro, where beer is discounted during the day, and got to sit in a lovely, very uncrowded garden and enjoy a Vertical Epic 07.07.07 draft. It's one of their annual fun beers, with a touch of spice and some rich flavors. I want me some more, please.
  • On the way to the game we had dinner at O'Brien's, because you can't have too much beery goodness in San Diego, where the streets are paved with beer. O'Brien's bill themselves "the hoppiest place on earth" as they always feature wonderful stuff on tap, and then you get it and sit in these odd, large green pleather chairs with wheels and try not to roll by the guys playing darts. The food is good, if not upscale a bit, but who cares when you're drinking Alesmith's Summer Yulesmith and Alpine's Pure Hoppiness? Six of us had dinner and beers and with the tip it came to $90. It was tempting to just stay there and watch the game on TV.
  • But we did go to Petco, and despite a pitching match-up of El Duque v. Jake Peavy, the Mets prevailed 7-0. It's good to see the Mets win, and I'm on at least a 4 game winning streak with live attendance. Makes me think I should try to get to see them this weekend in LA, too.
  • El Duque is just too cool. The high socks, the higher leg kick, the 66 mph curveball. The only person who could hit him was Adrian Gonzalez. To top it off, he hit a single and stole second base, and he's over 40. He was worth the price of admission himself.
  • I want to believe in Lastings Milledge, if nothing else than for his name, but in general I like rooting for the young guys (see my fantasy team filled with Lincecums and Chris B. Youngs and Corey Harts). He looks the part--he's just solid out there in left. But Peavy schooled him twice in key at-bats, getting him to fish for sliders after he couldn't quite catch up to the mid-90s hitter Peavy has. It's ok to get struck out by the best pitcher in the NL, but to fall for the same "trick" twice makes me a bit nervous.
  • Many Mets fans crammed into Petco, which was good as I seemed relatively sedate, especially when compared to the group that taunted tortured Milton Bradley endlessly, even starting a "Choke your wife, Milton, choke your wife" chant.
  • You can get Stone Pale Ale at Petco. I did.

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Blogger Smitty said...

Smitty wants some Verticle Epic. I must find a way to try this beer, outside of making it out to CA.

8:29 PM  
Blogger George said...

Smitty--Follow the link to Stone. They're going to put up a homebrew recipe for the ale eventually. You can make it yourself.

9:39 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Baseball & beer.

I see no flaws in this plan.

5:29 AM  
Blogger MCConfrontation said...

Great post George. Makes me want to hit up San Diego for another visit. How are the hot dogs at Petco?

I think the best baseball food can be found at Fenway, just outside the left field line and behind the Green Monster; you get the best sausages out there. And for the beer lovers (like ourselves) there's the Boston Beer Company right across the street from home plate. That place is a madhouse on gamedays though.

Grittier though is Yankee Stadium, where I wouldn't touch anything off of the hot dog stands outside the park, but you can pound domestics at Stan's, and then kill 20 oz. Bud drafts in the stadium.

A four game streak is good, but in the summer of 1996, I had a 12 game streak at Yankee Stadium. I went with the same guy to every game, and he had an 18 game streak that year. Of course that began the latest Yankee Destiny of four World Series in five years.

7:48 AM  

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