Monday, July 16, 2007

Movie Music Week (2): A Band Apart, A Dance Together

Godard through the 60s--what else can you say?


Blogger Drew said...

Is it too lame that I only have seen this movie by virtue of its Quentin Tarantino association? Specifically, the alleged connection between this dance sequence and that between Uma and Travolta in Pulp Fiction? And I can still only kind of see the resemblance? And why don't people dance like this in bars nowadays?

WV: vzddztci, which looks to be shorthand for some Italian director from whom Tarantino also draws inspiration.

12:20 AM  
Anonymous jeff said...

genius, not least for the way the voice over occupies a completely distinct "track" from the sound of the steps, the dancers' hand percussion, and the Memphis soul. The structuralism has too its commentary: the woman is thinking of the way her breasts move inside her sweater? Are you kidding?

3:29 PM  

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