Friday, October 06, 2006

Score, Score, We Want More!

(Photo credit: Suzy Allman for the New York Times)

I just had to run that photo to rub it in and to say, I'm going to the Mets game tomorrow! The Mets are charmed--48-year-olds beat out double plays to keep rallies going! They're going to finish the sweep of the Dodgers! I might get beat up by Dodger fans! Woo-hoo!

On a sadder note for the beauty of baseball in numerous ways, man crush Johan Santana and his Minnesota Twins are going home. But here's to the A's finally winning the clinching game of a playoff series. Meanwhile good luck to the Yanks or Tigers, as the A's get to set up their good rotation but good for the ALCS.

And keep those hits a-coming folks. As I write this entry I'm 103 visitors away from 10,000 unique visitors (some of you more unique than others, if I may butcher grammar) since I put the counter up in June. Not bad for a humble blog without nude pictures of Monica Bellucci, King Tut, or Dennis Hastert. And if I don't get that 10,000 visitor by midnight Saturday, I am going to post a naked Hastert picture. I'm not one to threaten, but....


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