Monday, October 09, 2006

Science Poops On Bush's Power Party

North Korea has a nuke! North Korea has a nuke! Run about with your arms flailing! Give all your (remaining) rights to President Bush!

Or, maybe, consider what the New Scientist says:

Scientists around the world are taking a cautious wait-and-see attitude after North Korea claimed to have successfully conducted an underground nuclear test on Monday.

Only careful analysis of data returned by seismic or atmospheric sensors will determine whether the blast was a success or a damp squib, they say. Nor could they rule out the possibility of a scam, in which North Korea blew up a huge stock of conventional explosives to bolster its claim to have joined the nuclear club.

Damn those scientists, calling us descendants from monkeys, claiming humans have something to do with global warming, wanting to play with stem cells and stop the joy of snowflake babies. And now this. How are we supposed to scare people back into the Republican flock?

(Hat-tip to Amy Gahran at PoynterOnline.)


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Science Poops On Bush's Power Party


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