Friday, August 25, 2006

That Electoral End Zone Is in Sight When You Run to the Left of Lieberman

Don't know if you heard or not, but according to the Washington Post a member of the U.S. Congress yesterday:

said he found a "noticeable lack of political will" among Iraqis "to move in what I would call a timely fashion" and concluded that Iraqi officials would act with greater urgency if the United States this fall set a timetable for withdrawal.

"My view is that it may be that the only way we are able to encourage some political will on the part of Iraqis is to have a timeline for troop withdrawal," he said from London in a conference call with reporters. "A timeline of when the bulk of heavy lifting is in the hands of the Iraqis."

Who is this renegade? Is it what we've come to expect from John Murtha? Am I trying to trick you, so I've switched the pronouns to throw you off and it's Maxine Waters?

Nope, ladies and gentlemen and readers of this blog, let me introduce you to Christopher Shays, R-CT. Which leaves me wondering--what's in the nutmeg in the Nutmeg State that makes all the politicos go crazy with how they express their party affiliations?

The funny part is Shays has been to Iraq more than 12 times, and now, in the post-Lamont world, has just decided to change his tune. In fact it was merely two months ago that U.S. Snooze reported:

In revealing comments published last week in the Hartford Courant, Shays said his mother wrote him a note last month that in so many words told him he would lose the election if he continued to reiterate his support for the war in the face of unrelenting attacks by his opponent, Democrat Diane Farrell. But the nine-term incumbent Shays said, as he has in the past, that he'll disregard his mother's advice--and that of some political consultants, no doubt--and continue to talk about his support for President Bush's mission in Iraq, which the congressman has visited a dozen times. Shays lauded the death of al Qaeda leader Abu Musab Zarqawi but said, "the difficult and necessary mission in Iraq continues."

At least Shays' rebellion against his mom is over.


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