Monday, July 24, 2006

390 Degrees of Simulated Blogging

Today we kick off a week of great grace moments from live shows INOTBB has had the good fortune to see over the years, which is now a lot of fortune and a lot of years (like seeing Sonny Rollins once in the '80s, once in the '90s, and once in the '00s--life can be good for 2 hour stretches).

Let's board the concert time machine back to 1988 and the Metro in Chicago and Pere Ubu is back together (as they seem to do when David Thomas--no, not the Wendy's guy--seems interested). They've blasted through two hot songs already (memory wants to put "Non-Alignment Pact" as one of those, although it might actually come later in the set), powered by double drummers Soctt Krauss and Chris Cutler, both hitting about not on the beat so no one thinks the band has got too normal, which no matter the complaints, it could never be with a frontman who once went by the name of Crocus Behemoth. Plus Allen Ravenstine on EML synthesizer, a contraption out of a sci-fi movie as it's as much about patch cords and knobs as a keyboard, and therefore as much about whooping swoops of noise as tinkly-plinks or, well, music for that matter.

The crowd is worked up, there's a pause, Thomas goes over to the side of the stage, comes back with his squeezebox strapped on and says, "And you're not really having a good time until someone breaks out an accordion..." as the band kicks into "Miss You," which has nothing to do with the Rolling Stones and that's all for the good.


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