Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Snowflakes That Stay White as My Asses

President Bush finally found the thing to which he had to just say no. He has, as expected, vetoed additional federal money for stem cell research because Nancy Reagan bugs even him.

Seriously, he did it because he feels embryonic stem cell research "crosses a moral boundary" he doesn't want to breach. To which I wonder, who knew he had moral boundaries?

The best part is he had his little photo op with the SnowflakeTM babies. Yep, the term is actually trademarked, just like Kleenex and Dumpster, which can both be related to the Snowflakes, but I won't go there. Nightlight Christian Adoptions started the whole Snowflake thing, and like most good Christians, they want credit for their good works. Of course, they insist the name refers to the embryos having been frozen, and for the resulting children being as unique as snowflakes.

They leave out the part they tend to be white as snowflakes, too.

For perhaps that's what this really is all about--how can we get the supply of white adoptable babies up? You can check the stats with the U.S. Census Bureau and discover "16% percent of adopted children under 18 are black. Additionally, 7 percent are Asian and 2 percent are American Indian and Alaska native. Adopted children are more likely to be of these race groups than are biological children or stepchildren."

But not if Nightlight has a say in it, which is mighty white of them, if you ask me. Now we have 99 Snowflakes with 400,000 frozen embryos waiting for their happy womb thaw. As for the 30,000 Americans with Lou Gehrig's Disease, the 4,000,000-5,000,000 Americans with Parkinson's, the 4,000,000 Americans with Alzheimer's, the 388,571 Americans with M.S., etc. etc., well, they don't make as nice a photo op, do they? BushCo. and Nightlight care about the pre-born, but the pre-dead might as well just get rid of that pre-.


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