Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Perhaps to Team

This morning during a press conference after returning from his surprise visit to Iraq ("shhh, don't tell even their prime minister we're coming or I will be killed! but we have made progress"), President Bush said:

And I'm concerned that an enemy will hear the wrong message. And then I'm also concerned that there are people inside Iraq who have yet to make up their mind as to whether or not they want to help this government succeed, or maybe, or just maybe America will lose its nerve and, therefore, something else, a new team may show up.

Instantly rumors about new teams sprung up across the internets. The Kansas City city council passed a resolution to ship the Royals to Iraq so they could be their new team, but no one can really be sure if the Royals are there, or anywhere, for that matter, although their familiarity with the loss column should make them feel at home in the war-torn region. (P.S. Royals ownership--if you really don't want to use Justin Huber in the majors, the Mets will take him back.)

Other possible teams to be sent Iraqi-ward: Burns and Schreiber, as Baghdad could use some effective, comedic taxi service (never mind that Avery Schreiber is dead--in Iraq that just means he fits in) and the "A" Team, where Mr. T will go undercover as a date salesman so he can say, "I pity the Medjool."


Anonymous Amy said...

err, date salesman.. but I love Mr. T jokes, so keep them coming, fool.

9:37 AM  
Blogger George said...

Correction made. That's why we have wives, gentlemen: to read our blogs and find us wrong in one more area in our lives.

10:11 AM  

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