Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Shades of Night Were Falling Fast but I Got a Pretty Good Look Anyway

Don't have the time or the ability to keep my rapidly drooping eyelids from falling to spin you all anything new, and besides, how many times can a poor blogger try to come up with a new way to joke about BushCo lying? If only they would tell the truth for once, and I could make fun of that. Or pass out with surprise and not need to blog.

So, here are excerpts of emails I sent out tonight. All apologies to those getting the emails, who now have to share. Although learning to share is a good thing, so I'm actually helping you grow as a person. You're welcome.

On the fledgling baseball season, both real and fantasy, I wrote:

Baseball is much cheerier, at least so far. Mets winning, beating the Nats, but winning. That's what good teams do--crush shitty teams and make Jose Guillen cry. My fantasy team is in second, and, although just like with poker it's better to be lucky late than early, it still feels good.

It's hard to like the current Mets management, or at least their decision making. It is nice that GM Oscar Minaya realizes "we need" and then he writes the big check. But some deals just don't make sense. Trading starting pitching, even someone married to one of the most obnoxious women on the planet, for middle relief just doesn't make sense. And I don't even know what Jae Seo's wife is like. As for Manager Willie Randolph, batting Reyes first is just stupidity, loyalty to an idea of a leadoff hitter that's as old as Omar Moreno is, wherever he is. Oh well.

On my fledgling new job I wrote:

So far the job has been great, but there's a steep learning curve, too. It hit me the great advantage of staying in a bad job is you know exactly what to do. This new job wants me to be all of marketing, so there's lots of graphics stuff (DreamWeaver, PhotoShop, etc.) I need to learn a whole lot about. But then when I do, I will the most brilliant person on the planet.

The best part is I've impressed them already 8 days into the job and they let me know that and I'm a sucker for people saying, "Good job." It doesn't take much to please me.

On my old job I wrote:

After the person who ran ---- & -------, named ------- ------- but who we renamed -------- --------, it's a huge relief.

Heck, why burn your bitches, I mean bridges, if you don't have to? It's best to let sleeping dogs lie.


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