Monday, April 10, 2006

Don't Stop Believing, or Journey to the Center of the Turd Blossom

The saddest part is I don't put anything past them. (The ugly BushCo them.) When Seymour Hersh says they already have plans for Iran, including nuclear bunker-busters, I think, "Of course they do. This group doesn't have a contingency plan it doesn't intend to use--they're too lazy from the Prez on down to make plans just in case."

When it comes out that James Tobin, deep in a mess for phone jamming scams during the 2002 election in New Hampshire, was often on the phone to the White House, it seems as much as a surprise as Capt. Renault discovering there's gambling at Rick's. "Gee," I wonder in my yokel-y wondering to myself way, "Could Ken Mehlman and Turd Blossom be behind something vaguely nefarious?"

When Bush flat-out admits, again, he's broken the law (there's still that NSA wire-tapping thing, remember?) when he says, "Sure, I declassified information, and oh, that just happened to be wrong information, and I'm president, heh heh, I can do what I want," I just figure he figures after the third or fourth lie, heaping on one or two more whoppers really won't make the eternal fires of hell any hotter when he finally goes, er, home.

So depending upon how you look at it, these are either utterly sad times or one's that are intriguing with their mind-widening capacities. Yes, I am entirely gullible when it comes to what our president might do. And that is what we want in a president, that wild card je nais se quoi (oops, is that still that "freedom I'd not know what"?), that makes us believe he is capable of anything.

OK, if you told me he had a threesome with the twins, I wouldn't believe that. I'd probably fall for some story about him and Barbara, though.


Anonymous Tessitura said...

I would say the new job is good for you! Your blogs seem better...don't ask me why. But that last bit...eeck! anything about dubs and a threesome makes me throw-up alittle.

10:55 AM  

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