Thursday, April 06, 2006

Never Can Say Goodbye

On this day in 1963, Tito was made president for life.

Formery known as “one of the kindest, more pleasant people in show business,” Tito was born to a large peasant family in Gary, Indiana. Tito joined the Motown Party of Detroit with his brothers in arms where he gained the nickname Marshall Stacks Tito. Later, for the Victory album Tito produced, wrote, used his secret police to purge political opponents, and sang on “We Can Change the World,” while forging his own, non-Stalinist R&B style. Sadly, the Nation of Jackson could not last, and fractured into its component parts of Marlonsonia, Jermaniny, Titogo and Jackiestan that were all terrorized by the odd leader Jackodan Michaelevic for many years, a man who toyed with his people as if he were dangling them from a balcony.


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