Monday, April 03, 2006

Flying Non-Stop

The AP reports:

Ask for a pillow and blanket to help get through a long flight and you may be out of luck. Or you may be able to buy a "comfort package" from Air Canada for $2. Like to check your luggage curbside? That could cost up to $3 a bag.

Airlines are starting to charge for many services that once were free — such as assigned seating, paper tickets and blankets. Air travelers who don't fly often may be in for some unpleasant surprises when they reach the airport this summer.

United Airlines, in fact, is rumored to be planning to take this "charge for a service" approach a step or two further. United spokesperson Rick Arus said, "We're working on a system where passengers have to pay extra if the flight is on time, say about $50. Then again, some people in the company are arguing we should make people pay an extra $100 any time the plane lands safely. We could set it up the door won't even open until we can collect from everyone in the plane."


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