Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Than This?

Reuters picks up a Billboard story and runs with it:

Contrary to British reports, Brian Eno is not rejoining Roxy Music for the group's first new studio album since 1982's classic Avalon.

Turns out the report first appeared on, which any regular internets peruser will know is the cyber-sister to the Weekly World News. Still, all I can think to say to Mr. Ferry, "Bryan, please, please, don't make this CD suck."

Actually, I can think of something else to say: Avalon isn't classic, even if a few of its tracks are. None of Roxy Version III is classic--too much filler, and the ennui has slipped into langour that even late 70s dance floor beats can't revive. And while it might be heretical to say, Roxy Version I isn't the best, either, for Ferry had a point when he pushed out Eno and said something to the effect of "no group can support two non-musicians." (I write this while hoping "Beauty Queen" accepts my full apologies, although if any song is a test of someone's ability to put up with Ferry's singing, it's this one.) Roxy Version II, though, that trifecta of Stranded, Country Life and Siren, that's music to love and lose by. Meanwhile Eno got to do his four rock albums, ending with the sublime Another Green World. So everything works out when the musicians in the room can't.


Blogger freakpowertix said...

thanks for the link!

i'm largely a glam latebloomer. todd haynes brought me around, in fact.

i need to explore these records more...

i too certainly never thought of "avalon" as a "classic," myself.

here's my bloggy link, btw:

catchya later! t.

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