Monday, February 06, 2006

Them's Swearing Words

Just for the record, here's a scorecard about who Congress thinks will lie to them unless under oath:

AG Alberto Gonzales testifying about whether the NSA wiretapping was illegal (that is, did the President--who vows to uphold the nation's laws, in fact is the top person to be sure that happens--broke the law)...

Doesn't need to be sworn in.

Oil company executives, discussing how they scored windfall profits while oil prices go up and Americans get squeezed at the gas pump and when trying to heat their homes...

Don't need to be sworn in.

Baseball players, who may or may not have used steroids, and if they did mostly just screwed up their own bodies and baseball's precious sense of history (when Bob Coastas said, "Should we just rip up the record books?" Steven Colbert wittily said, "No, print new ones.")...

Swear those lying bastards in.

Subverting the Constitution and screwing over everyone in the U.S. to make a buck, that's no big deal compared to hitting juiced home runs. For if our ballplayers are on drugs, al Qaida has already won.


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