Monday, January 30, 2006

Dems Roll Over, Do More than Play Dead

Once there was a guy who wrote a book that views "with alarm what he considers to be a 'slow unraveling of the people's liberties,' when all dissenting voices were stilled and awesome power swung suddenly to the president to fight a 'war on terror.' This path violates historic American principles—it shows no regard for the balance of powers or the role of the Congress; it invades our privacy; and it eliminates public participation in and understanding of government. Swept along, we have entered a war without proper consideration and rushed dangerous legislation through Congress. Now is the time to regain the Constitution, to return to the values and processes that made America great."

Now that same guy says this about Judge Alito: "We saw no reason for the members of this group to support a filibuster."

Yep, that's the oddly bipolar Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia, a member of the "Gang of 14" — a group of Republicans and Democrats who have pledged not to filibuster unless there are "extraordinary circumstances."

I guess when you're 88 what Alito can do isn't an extraordinary circumstance. All the worst things he and Roberts/Scalia/Thomas (might as well be one word) can accomplish as they hand even more power over to the executive branch that Byrd called reckless and arrogant will most likely happen after you're dead.

Thanks, old man, for screwing the country and joining with people like Joe "Republican but in Name" Lieberman to vote for cloture. We will remember.


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