Friday, February 03, 2006

You'll Poke Your Eye Out

In case you missed it, Hooters just opened a casino in Las Vegas. Sure, this is kind of like wearing a bikini to the nude beach and hoping you'll get noticed, but as Vegas tries to scrub itself from its seedier past it only makes sense that guys might not want to feel all tawdry going to a strip club but would still like to eyeball just-like-at-the-mall tits. And in a city with a fake Paris, New York, Venice, etc., what's a silicone boob or two between friends?

Actually, that AP story is pretty fascinating. It informs us that it took 6 guys to dream up Hooters. And here I always thought that the company's original business plan was probably scribbled on some Playboy that a 16-year-old stole from his dad. By a fourteen year old who stole it from his older brother.

Given the AP scribe is a business writer, he also checks out the marketing angle, since, after all, he needs to justify writing off that trip to Sin City, if ogling an owl on a t-shirt is a sin. Which leads to this revealing passage:

Observers said the company might carve out a niche with a down-market offering in an area of the Strip that has become more expensive.

"You know their market. It's relatively blue collar and young," said University of Nevada, Las Vegas history professor Hal Rothman, who wrote Neon Metropolis: How Las Vegas Started the 21st Century.

"There's really nothing else on the Strip that caters to that market," he said.

I guess that the new Hooters is Fremont Street/Downtown's revenge on the Strip. Declassé is never passé.


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