Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'm Turning European, Yes, I'm Turning European, I Really Think So

I promise to try to intersperse the long, over-detailed, it's-my-blog-so-I'll-drag-if-I-want-to travelogues with some other stuff that will at least be shorter if not wittier. And where better to turn to for the quick and mindless than IMDB (if Vanity Fair is People for those with college degrees, IMDB is Vanity Fair with those with DSL) who today reports that Monica Bellucci

refuses to conform to the obsession with youth in Los Angeles, and echoes the complaints of many mature US actresses who feel they are shunned by producers once they pass the age of 40. The 36-year-old says, "I could never live there. They are obsessed with youth and beauty even more than us. There is this thing in America where actresses reach 40 and go mad. The film industry wants all these young people."

Monica Bellucci isn't pretty enough for America? Why did I come back here?


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