Thursday, August 25, 2005

Zinns of Journalism

Sometimes I actually don't mind my job. Now's one. We're presenting a lecture by Howard Zinn on October 6, so it was press release writing time. In my internets research, I found a transcript of an interview conducted by Bill Moyers with Zinn on PBS right before the beginning of the Iraq War.

Check it out, only to see reason and prescience in action. And you can also use it to club any ridiculous rightwinger who thinks Moyers is just some loony liberal. He asks tough questions. For example:

You could say that the terrorists declared war on the United States in 1979 when the Iranian extremists seized the American embassy and held hostages for over a year. Then, there was the attack on the Marine barracks in Lebanon that killed over-- almost 300 American Marines.

There were the bombings of the American embassy in Nairobi and Tanzania. There were Saddam Hussein's effort to kill former President Bush in 1994 when he went to Kuwait. You could say that the terrorists have been carrying on a war against the United States for a long time now. And that they have been encouraged by our ineffectual responses to them, to believe that we're paper tigers. And that George W. Bush is at least saying to them, "We're no longer a paper tiger."

He's a true journalist. Of course, that's why Moyers must be kept off PBS--we need to clear it out for more shows by worms like Tucker Carlson.*

*All apologies to worms, who know enough not to "dismiss the plight of a disemboweled child as a 'Jacuzzi case'" and not to wear bow ties. Yes, that means George Will isn't a worm. Troglodyte, maybe.


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