Tuesday, August 23, 2005

They're Not Saying Rude, They're Saying Rudolph

USA Today reports (hey, sometimes they do report! not everything fits in a pie chart!) about the sentencing of bomber and fugitive Eric Rudolph:

Rudolph, 38, read a statement apologizing to victims of the bomb he exploded at the 1996 Summer Olympics. He said he had telephoned authorities to warn them about the bomb he had planted at Centennial Olympic Park but that a 911 operator hung up on him, costing precious time.

"I fully realize that all of this may be no consolation to the victims who suffered as a result of my actions, but I would do anything to take back that night," he said. "To these victims, I apologize."

He said nothing about victims at three other sites he pleaded guilty to bombing: a lesbian and gay nightclub near here where five people were injured; an abortion clinic here where more than 50 were injured; and an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Ala., where a police officer was killed and a nurse maimed.

Immediately following his sentencing swami/phony Michelle Malkin reported that his victim contacted her from the great beyond (at least beyond rationality, a place where it is rumored Malkin lives). Malkin claimed the victims accepted his apology, especially those whom he didn't apologize to, since they now realize the errors of their aborting and/or gay ways. Malkin also insisted that Rudolph couldn't be considered any sort of terrorist, since he wasn't Japanese in the '40s or a Muslim now.

Not-a-Christian-but-he-plays-one-on-TV Pat Robertson also called for the release of Rudolph, offering him a one-way ticket to Caracas.


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