Saturday, August 27, 2005

National Pinhead Radio

So I need to know if I can get my pledge back from KCRW. This morning on our way to take the dogs for a beach walk, we tune in to NPR and hear Scott Simon tell us that after the news, instead of his usual analyst Daniel Schorr, he would be joined by Jonah Goldberg.

Even without having had coffee, I believe I set a record for turning the car radio off.

Is this what it means for NPR to be non-political, moving from a balanced and at this point relatively toothless historical figure to a right-wing hack that a TBogg or a James Wolcott can have for dinner and then still feel mighty hungry afterward?

I mean, Daniel Schorr is "the last of Edward R. Murrow's legendary CBS team still fully active in journalism." Jonah Goldberg is a graduate of Goucher College. As someone who went to Johns Hopkins, let me tell you about Goucher. Goucher is Hopkins little sister school, where Hopkins guys trolled for dates. Sure, it's coed now, but still, when you start as the place where a smarter school's students find wives....


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