Monday, July 11, 2005

Look Out--He's Going to Blow!

I guess Yahoo is now publishing AP's Irony.Net:

The attacks have raised fresh fears of a similar strike in the United States and have given the president a new cause to tout his leadership in the war on terrorism, which has proven to be the strong suit of his presidency.

I guess that means the more terrorist attacks there are, the more Bush can say he is leading the fight on terrorism, by, uh, losing the fight. Or perhaps the AP is just clearly saying that fear is the strong suit of his presidency.

For it's certainly not logic, as the article also says:

"These kind of people who blow up subways and buses are not people you can negotiate with, or reason with, or appease," Bush said in a tough-talking speech at the FBI training academy. "In the face of such adversaries there is only one course of action: We will continue to take the fight to the enemy, and we will fight until this enemy is defeated."

If you're not negotiating with them, or reasoning with them, or appeasing them, then what are you doing with them? I guess you either lock them all up forever without due process or kill them. How you figure out who "them" is before they create acts of terror, that's not so easy, so you better error on the side of caution and pick up the "them" anyone--even a Michelle Malkin--can identify.

Seems like just the thing a liberty-loving, life-respecting country should do. I left out the God-fearing part, because although Bush might want that, not everyone does, and Bush believes in that odd Christianity without the New Testament, anyway. (Revelation gets into his Holy Book, however, for it's the part that raises fresh fears and has the lingering stench of terror).


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