Friday, July 08, 2005

Over Like a Lead Balloon

Actually, they were aluminum, which was why the project got scrapped heading into WW II, for the Germans needed foil to prepare left-overs for their soldiers' rations as they left their busily cooking, tear-stained dumplings of frauleins to head into battle. But I get ahead of myself, something I battle all the time. For today we celebrate the 167th birthday of Ferdinand von Zeppelin, famous aviation inventor and the man who gave his name to the rock band Franz Ferdinand. Zeppelin, however, was disappointed with his invention for creating a "guidable rigid airship that could be used for multiple ascents" was his goal. And that sounds even dirtier in German, for they call their airships "he" (the term is actually "minenlyttlefrienden"). Aeronautic historians still argue if Zeppelin stole his plans from a fellow engineer, Karl von Hottuna, but no matter, it was Zeppelin's name that both flew over the hills and far away and planted itself in the pages of history.

No groaning at my base humor, btw--I have not yet begun to pun.

Oh, and if you go out for a Friday Happy Hour--and by all means do, you deserve it--don't drink so much you Bonham-up, as it were.


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