Monday, July 11, 2005

High School Is No Sweat

USA Today reports about the latest way we will save public education--privatize it, since corporations are individuals, that is:

Someday soon, students in a suburban Detroit school district may attend schools "sponsored by" or even named after corporate or private donors.

In what observers say is an unprecedented move, the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools board of education voted unanimously last month to offer naming rights for its schools. Though no offers are on the table, Tom Sklut, the district's chief development officer, says, "We felt like we needed to position ourselves to be able to consider an offer should one happen."

Early talks have centered on Nike sponsoring some Detroit schools. In addition to providing economic muscle to the struggling schools, Nike also has a plan to help control often unruly student populations--beginning this fall, ALL students will have mandatory four hour detention after the school day.

In a related story, Nike spokesperson Dee Seaver announced that as part of its project to improve its image as a bad world corporate citizen, the shoe and apparel giant would be shutting down several Vietnamese factories that it doesn't own but contracts with starting in the fall.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray! Lower prices for the rest of us!

Out with Chores.
In with "Teen Sweatpants from Teen Sweatshops"!

8:13 AM  
Blogger Christy said...

My high school was sponsored by Qualcomm. No joke. We had Total Quality Management Days where we had to perform weird team related exercises. I only remember one that involved a labryinth made of masking tape on the carpet and working together to maneuver something or other. Time-limits were involved. Also, when I graduated I got a plaque that read, "Qualcomm presents this award to..."

9:11 AM  

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