Tuesday, July 05, 2005

When Half a Loaf Is Really a Whole

I wanted to write about seeing Richard Thompson and John Doe in a particularly pleasing Saturday-Sunday one-two a couple weeks ago, but those couple weeks are ever further ago. So, in the meantime, here's the throat-clearing of a piece that never was...

The road to not writing is paved with “been meaning.” But before this entry becomes about the ways Fear and Laziness marry, make wild love and populate my brain with all their brilliantly incapacitating children (Sloth, Paral-a-Sis and her Bro-Mide, Fatigue, Fustiness, Imprecision, CopyKat, WorkShirker, Mundane, LeadHead, Slug), I will proceed with what I meant to write about, two terrific shows I had the good fortune to see a couple of weekends ago when two of my heroes came to town—Richard Thompson and John Doe.


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