Friday, July 29, 2005

Art Bares

A follow-up to the entry from yesterday--those of you who had 10 in the pool for how many naked people would go see the Klimts in Vienna, your prize is ready. You can choose from either Vienna Sausages or a case of PEWS, that is Personal Equipment Wipes.

As many of you probably know, museums are one of the big singles joints for those who want to show off their arty side and are too cheap to buy drinks at a bar. So, here are some of the top pick-up lines overheard at the Leopold:

"I don't mean to butt in, but..."
"So I take it you really like this painting..."
"The painter didn't do you justice..."
"No, really, that's OK, an over-air-conditioned room often does that to a man..."
"If I told you you had a beautiful canvas, would you hold it against me?"
"Just because you don't have any pockets to keep your hands in, that's no excuse."
"I assume you left your clothes at coat check, but then where's your claim ticket?"


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