Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I'll Come Running to Praise Your CD

Brian Eno
Another Day on Earth (Opal)

Sure it’s Eno’s first vocal album in 15 years (following up 1990’s under-loved Wrong Way Up made with John Cale), but often the vocals are just one more instrument, toying us to believe he’s not screwing with what’s foreground/what’s background like he has tantalizing done for decades. That said, this is as gorgeous as sunsets, and as calming, even if the lyrics hint he’s worried about the world, even if he has a way with a beat on the more songlike “This” and “Under,”* which will remind you Talking Heads still owe him one, but then all pop does (I’m looking at you, Moby).

*No, you can't out-geek me. I know "Under" has appeared before on Eno Box II: Vocals. And it was one of the tracks from his scuttled 1991 disc My Squelchy Life.


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