Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Not Feeeling Will

From the "If You Don't Get It, I'll Have to Explain It to You, Although It Might Just Be Easier to Pummel You with a Blunt Object" Department:

George Will wrote the following in his latest column defending President Bush's SEC nominee Chris Cox:

A Times columnist disapprovingly said Cox "is a big-business advocate.'' Leaving aside the vacuity of such labels -- what might it mean to be an "advocate" against "big business" and its big numbers of employees....

Here Will pulls that old rightwing sleight of hand, asserting what's good for big business is good for the country, and that's so obvious you'd be an idiot to doubt me. But tell that to 25,000 GM workers who will soon no longer be big business employees all for the good of big business. Tell that to all the workers who still are lucky enough to have their jobs but also know that in 2003 the CEO Pay/Worker Pay ratio reached 301-to-1 and the average worker takes home $517 a week, while the average CEO has to manage to get by on a mere $155,769 a week.

Of course Will has to fight those Commie Pinko Liberals in government like the one who had the audacity to make these claims, according to the Christian Science Monitor:

He agreed that over the past two quarters hourly wages have shown few signs of accelerating. Overall employee compensation has gone up - but mostly due to a surge in bonuses and stock-option exercises.

[He] than added that the 80 percent of the workforce represented by nonsupervisory workers has recently seen little, if any, income growth at all. The top 20 percent of supervisory, salaried, and other workers has.

The result of this, [he] said, is that the US now has a significant divergence in the fortunes of different groups in its labor market. "As I've often said, this is not the type of thing which a democratic society - a capitalist democratic society - can really accept without addressing."

The speaker in this passage? The notorious Marx-spouting, brie-loving, Volvo-driving, NPR-listening, married-to-a-liberal-media member Alan Greenspan.

The good news is that when it comes to vacuity, Will truly knows of what he speaks.


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