Monday, April 11, 2005

Armed and Dangerous?

Tommy John surgery-- ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction, or when a tendon is removed from a patient's wrist or hamstring and grafted into the elbow--has to keep company with a new, sort of similar if quite, quite different procedure. Call it Sergei Peter surgery.

The UK paper The Telegraph reports: "A Russian man born with genitals so small that he was unable to have sex has been given the chance to lead a normal love life after a new penis was 'grown' on his arm during pioneering surgery."

It seems the patient Sergei, who suffered, and I mean suffered, with what is actually scientifically known as a "micro-penis" (who knew science was so cruel?), opted for the experimental surgery, even knowing that he would be teased in his small Siberian village with taunts of "Hey, Sergei, is that a cigarette pack rolled into your t-shirt sleeve, or are you just happy to have a penis on your arm?"

One can only assume that the designer at the Telegraph's website knew full well what he or she was doing creating a graphic with the caption "Click to enlarge."

Here's hoping the surgeon who created this procedure doesn't get a swollen head about it.


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