Monday, April 04, 2005

Your 2005 Hanover Heir to the Throneberries!

At least for now. After all, there's still next Monday's free agent draft for the final 2 spots on all our league's rosters, and I've got a bonus spot, since I was a panicked moron, worried about the 90 second pick clock, and when I went looking for Chad Cordero, the high potential closer for the Montrawashington Exponationals, I just clicked on the first Cordero-Was I saw. Alas, that was Wil Cordero, who, in addition to needing another "L," isn't much of a ball player and is a wife beater, to boot (although I'm not sure that he kicked his wife).

Notice I didn't freeze Barry Bonds. This was very hard. He is the best player of the past 30 years. He will still hit, if and when he comes back. The steroids thing doesn't bug me much, as I'm sure he's far from the only one, and you don't get his batting eye from steroids, unless there's some kind of steroids-Lasiks we haven't heard about. But he seems so sad and beaten. And he's 40. And ball players aren't supposed to be almost as old as me (even if I throw a knuckleball, so am theoretically ageless). *

C: Brian Schneider
1B: Wil Cordero, Brad Wilkerson
2B: Mark Bellhorn, Michael Cuddyer
3B: Morgan Ensberg, David Wright
SS: B.J. Upton, Edgar Renteria
LF: Nick Swisher, Matt Holliday, Pat Burrell
CF: Jeremy Reed, Carlos Beltran
RF: Austin Kearns, Bobby Abreu, Miguel Cabrera
SP: A.J. Burnett, Bronson Arroyo, Jeremy Bonderman, Johan Santana, Matt Clement
MR: Danny Haren, Ryan Madson
CL: Eric Gagne, Shingo Takatsu

And then there's free agent drafts every Monday throughout the season, so who knows what surprise Dontrelle Willis (ah, my World Series victorious 2003!) the mid-season might bring.

*Julio Franco and his deal with the devil sold separately.


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