Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Yawn-y: King of the Pan Flute?

It's nice to find out, finally, that all those years I thought I was boring my students to death, I was really turning them on. Dutch academic Wolter Seuntjens has earned his PhD with the stunning thesis The Hidden Sexuality of the Human Yawn.

Seuntjens claims: "In discussing pharmacology I found a link between yawning and spontaneous orgasm in withdrawal from heroin addiction. Likewise, yawning and sexual response were associated as clinical side effects of several antidepressant drugs. In one publication an undeniable causal relation was reported: both spontaneous and intentional yawning provoked instantaneous ejaculation orgasm."

Which leads to that age-old question, "Are you bored, or are you just...ew, clean up near your pockets."


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