Thursday, March 17, 2005

Which Senator Ordered This Baked Alaska?

Hey, Senate, these guys send their thanks!

It gets even better when you get to info like this in a Seattle Post-Intelligencer article: "Still another question is how eager oil companies will be to try their luck in ANWR. BP, ConocoPhillips and ChevronTexaco have withdrawn from Arctic Power, the business coalition formed to lobby for drilling in ANWR. Among big oil companies, only ExxonMobil Corp. remains."

And Exxon and Alaska go together like drinking and driving.

Helping lead the charge to drill in Alaska--it's just man-on-man drilling that troubles him--is that senator on the wrong side of every argument, Rick Santorum. He said, "There are currently over 200 Pennsylvania vendors doing business in Alaska’s oil fields that would benefit from this exploration. I am obligated as a senator to balance preserving a healthy and sustainable environment for future generations with protecting the economic and national security interests of Pennsylvania’s and America’s citizens."

Rick, how about we return to the historical roots of oil drilling in America, which just happened to be in your state in Titusville. Since you seem to think more of economic and national security interests than environmental ones (as if they aren't incredibly intertwined), we can even work in Pennsylvania's famed Nittany Lions--let's drill for oil in Joe Paterno's hair.


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