Friday, March 11, 2005

What's the Big Megillah?

You might imagine some scientists don't get out much. You know the cliche--nerdy, pocket-protector- and glasses-wearing guys unable to talk to humans. But technologically savvy, of course. So you add those traits up and you might get to this: scientists look at internets porn.

But scientists are even weirder and whackier than that. A recent study shows that scientists look at monkeys looking at porn. What's more if you read the story you learn that rhesus monkeys are ass men.

This is science.

Of course, being an inquisitive sort (no, not a scientist, and I don't even play one in front of my computer when alone), some questions come to my mind. For instance, why is the article illustrated with a monkey who has clearly watched the poses Jon Stewart makes when he feels he's been naughty? And is there a monkey equivalent of Paris Hilton? If so, could the smartest monkeys hack into her cell phone?

And if we found those smart monkeys studying whether lemurs liked to look at each others butts, and would even "give up the juice" (as that seems to be the scientific lingo) to do so, would we think them odd?


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