Wednesday, March 16, 2005

That's Really Super, Super Joe

Forget about steroids, what are they smoking at

It seems that after three years proving that he can play every position, none of them well, least of all batter, Super Joe McEwing might be cut/traded from the Mets. For the past three years, here are his best batting average (.254), on base percentage (.309) and slugging percentage (.312). I have to admit I've always loved his nickname, for not enough nomenclature harkens back to the days of Robin Hood and classic monikers like Little John. And there's something to be said about a guy who pinch hits and thereby gives you a chance to go get a snack from the kitchen (if only his at bats were longer).

But when writes this--"It may be a sign of improvement that the Mets have such depth"--I either have to assume the writer got a case of the nices or the writer doesn't watch much baseball. While it's terribly sad that McEwing has become friends with David Wright, the most exciting young Met since Doc Gooden (oh, Doc, you're a pitcher, you shouldn't be swinging at your ex-wife), and a guy I "own" in fantasy baseball (but that's a different basket of balls, as it were), playing friend to somebody better than you isn't enough.

Here's Baseball Prospectus, the one and only book every baseball fan needs to read every season (several times each year), on McEwing: "He's willing to play a lot of positions. He's popular. He has nothing to do with reality television. It's not much, but it keeps him employed. McEwing doesn't do enough with the bat, glove or legs to help a team win, and is an extreme example of the preference for familiar mediocrity within the baseball industry."

I guess that last complaint is true for the way they hire writers at, too.


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