Wednesday, November 03, 2004


If it's the new age of all-for-me and screw not just the world but anyone not-me (that is Iraqis, gays, people of color, fetus-carriers [they aren't women anymore], animals, vegetables and minerals), I better get in the game soon--time to sprinkle this blog with shameless corporate plugs till someone offers me some filthy lucre.

And, in the meantime, look for anything to hang on to. This comes not just from the red with the blood of your very own troops South but from The Dirty South:

Another Joker in the White House, said a change was comin' round
But I'm still workin' at the Wal-Mart and Mary Alice, in the ground
And all them politicians, they all lyin' sacks of shit
They say better days upon us but I'm sucking left hind tit

Drive-By Truckers for President 2008!


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