Friday, November 19, 2004

(Getting Out from) Under Tom's Thumb

The always spot-on Charles Pierce truly nails it in his letter to Eric Alterman today:
This is not a time for triangulation, not a time to cut off our own slice of rotten beef and serve it up as chateaubriand. The next four months are crucial because it's the only chance the D's have to keep the ducks from being put in a row. You may recall Contingency Plan A, briefly summarized as:


Here's what I'd like to see. The entire Democratic caucus of the House of Representatives simply refuses to go to work as long a Tom DeLay is Majority Leader. Deny a quorum. Get your best parliamentarian and tie the place in knots.
Sell the hell out of the fact that the House Republicans just used the rules of the institution as a getaway car. Go to Texas and pose with Ronnie Earle. But, under no circumstance, do anything of substance until the Tiny Little Hammer is deposed.

If only.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only the Dems would stand so strong. Unlikely, but nice to think about. [Amy]

2:39 PM  

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